Starting on the Right Path…

Establish Your Fitness Profile!

§  Completely Free

  • Performed by our highly qualified personal trainers

§  Establish health and fitness goals

§  Tips and information about healthy lifestyle changes

§  Complete a variety of aerobic, strength, and flexibility tests

§  Analyze your results and track your progress 

Why should you use a trainer? 

Learn proper form and techniques on how to help facilitate functional movements.


Aid with improvements in areas such as:

Aerobic Conditioning Muscular Strength
Flexibility Coordination/Balance
Sports Performance Healthy eating habits
Accountability on keeping an active lifestyle Reduced risk for many diseases
Reduced stress  

Our dedicated certified trainers will provide a personal touch in helping educate and motive you to achieve your fitness goals! We are passionate about customizing fun fitness programs for you!

Rates + Additional Benefits

  • 30 Minute Sessions
  • 6 Month Contracts
  • Discounts and Group Rates Available

Which includes:

ü  Free monthly 3D Body Scans – with Styku technology it measures circumferences and body fat percentage

ü  Free subscription to EXOS – our digital aerobic training guide

ü  Access to private training area

Contact Us

RJ Savage

Personal Training Manager

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Mel Barber

“Your goal is my goal! If you can imagine the changes that you would like to see with yourself, we can make a plan to accomplish it!  My philosophy is that your body can only go as far as your mind will push it. I will challenge you both mentally and physically, and with my experience drawing from a variety of settings (i.e. US Air Force, US Army, rehabilitation clinics, and personal endurance competitions), I know we can achieve your goals. I’m here to support you through the ups and downs of training, as well as to celebrate your accomplishments. My knowledge base stems from many different disciplines of fitness and wellness to create a balanced, achievable program that will enable you to reach your fitness goals.”

Miranda Morrow

Sports and fitness has always been a part of Miranda’s life from an early age.  In her late twenties her competitive focus shifted from playing sports to more lifestyle focused goals.  She is currently an active member in the NPC bodybuilding community.  Her love for this sport and helping others was a driving force in her decision to become a Certified Personal Trainer.  Miranda truly enjoys to help people achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

My goal as your trainer is to teach you the skills needed to achieve and realize your full potential.  I will help push you beyond your comfort zone to reach those goals, teach you consistent habits to live a healthier happier life, and become a better stronger version of yourself.

“Motivation gets you going, habits get you there”-Zig Ziglar

Nicole Terwey

Nicole's mission is to help you incorporate fitness into your life in a exciting and sustainable way.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council on Strength & Fitness and she is a former active duty Navy Intelligence Officer.  She is currently working on her Sports Nutrition Specialist certification and Group Fitness Instructor certification in order to provide the best possible services to her clients who want to achieve permanent and effective fitness success.
After getting engaged, the weight continued to creep on despite every fad-based attempt to lose fat.  Thankfully, she eventually found the most legitimate and proven solution for permanent weight loss: lifting weights and clean eating.  After one month, she actually got too small for her wedding dress and was hooked on weight lifting ever since.  Up until now, she has competed in five National Physique Committee bodybuilding shows and will be pursuing her IFBB Pro Card in Tennessee while helping her clients achieve their own fitness goals, no matter how difficult their goals may seem or how long it will take.  Her greatest asset is being a positive support system for those who need it.  
"I truly believe that fitness is the fountain of youth.  Over time, all of the reasons that lead me into fitness fused into one main goal: to live a long and healthy life...Hopefully my journey can serve as an example to help others as they walk down their own path toward fitness, health, and happiness."

Ryan Denning

Nashville native Ryan has been training one-on-one and group classes for almost two years now. He has experience and education in resistance training, cardiovascular performance, and nutritional planning. He believes to be truly successful in reaching your goals you need to incorporate all three of these facets of health and fitness. He is a big advocate of pushing your mind and body to be successful. Not only in the Gym, but in all aspects of life. Whether you’re looking to change your body composition or change your mindset. Having an expert ?tness professional on your team to guide and coach you along can make all the difference. Ryan’s passion and sense of humor will keep you coming back even when your whole body is sore. 


“This process is simple. You cut out the crap in your diet, and you get moving.”